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Pureon environmental policy

Commitment to environmental sustainability

Through reducing pollution, conserving resources, and lowering its carbon footprint, Pureon is committed to creating a healthy workplace and a better environment for future generations. Pureon will continue to meet or exceed all relevant environmental, health and safety regulations, both national and local at all facilities.


Pureon product development aims not only to reduce the environmental impact of new products but their sourced constituents to contribute to a circular economy. Our innovators are favoring sustainable alternatives in their chemistries.


Where available, Pureon minimizes its waste stream by sourcing non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials for its operations and effectively disposes of hazardous waste with minimal environmental impact.


Pureon prefers environmentally friendly alternatives for new capital investment and replacement of equipment and materials.


Pureon monitors and implements improvement measures to minimize energy and resource consumption.


Pureon aims to reduce its carbon intensity by reducing manufacturing waste and disposal of materials in favor of reuse and recycling.


Pureon will continue to educate its co-entrepreneurs on their responsibility to sustainability in and out of the workplace.

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Todd Mengert

Head of Global QEHS