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Pureon is born

Seamless surface finishing solutions from a single source

Pureon is the new leading global supplier of surface finishing solutions for high-tech materials. Formerly known as Microdiamant, a provider of precision surface finishing solutions specialized in diamond-based abrasive products, the company has now acquired Eminess Technologies, a technology leader specializing in advanced critical surface polishing consumables. Pureon is drawing on the expertise of both companies as it continues attaining new knowledge and applying it successfully to develop new and better solutions for its customers.

In the past years, the Swiss-based company Microdiamant, managed by brothers Martin and Daniel Spring in the third generation, invested heavily in organic growth. Now it acquired US-based Eminess Technologies to form Pureon and continue to grow in several dimensions: doubling the number of employees to 120 and enhancing the strategic business expansion are just two of the many advantages. The combined global footprint will give Pureon better access to both the U.S. market as well as the European and Asian markets. The merger also taps into growth opportunities in the semiconductor industry, which is benefiting from the expansion of electric mobility and 5G / IoT. The two former companies' complementary product ranges and combined know-how will enable Pureon to offer seamless surface finishing solutions for key industries.

"With this acquisition, we are strengthening our global reach through our complementary distribution channels and market presence. By combining and aligning our products and technologies, we are now able to offer our customers unsurpassed process know-how and a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. In the end, we are taking out the complexity of the surface finishing process for our customers, and that will save time and money for them.", says Martin Spring, Co-CEO of Pureon.

The Pureon headquarters in Lengwil (TG), Switzerland.

The Pureon headquarters in Lengwil (TG), Switzerland.

Lengwil (TG), Switzerland, will remain the global headquarters of the merged company, with all previous production sites of Eminess and Microdiamant remaining the same. To ensure a smooth integration, the Eminess management team is also being retained. The merged company is the only supplier in the market to offer seamless surface finishing solutions from a single source. "To bring our expanded offering to the market, we have decided to operate under a new company name and brand," explains Daniel Spring, Co-CEO of Pureon. "The Pureon name perfectly conveys the core of our expanded business".

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Melanie Koller

Pureon headquarters front desk