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Ultrasonic/megasonic detergent for electronics and semiconductor:
VECTOR HTC-SCA Series are water-based detergents formulated to increase the cavitational energy released upon the substrate surface by ultrasonic or megasonic apparatus. The products are designed for more effective cleaning of post-lapped, post-etched and post-polished substrates. Used at economical dilution ratios,VECTOR HTC-SCA Series will remove light organics, polymers and sub-micron particles typically found on the surface of semiconductor materials. These contaminants are often the cause of wafer staining and streaking upon examination after etch.

VECTOR HTC-SCA Series detergents are recommended for pre-cleaning and final cleaning stages of solar silicon production lines, wherever ultrasonic cleaning is applied. These products will remove organic and inorganic contamination and particles from both mono-crystalline and multicrystalline silicon. VECTOR HTC-SCA Series can be used in heated or unheated ultrasonic tanks and are also recommended for brush and dip tank applications.


  • Highly economical.
  • Superior wetting ability.
  • Free rinsing - leaves no film or residue.
  • Fully compatible with other VECTOR products.


For more detailed information, download our datasheet:

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Adam Nielsen

Product Manager Cleaning and Rinsing