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Soft diamond compounds for manual polishing operations

Typically used in mold and die polishing, in metallographic sample preparation and for tool deburring, to name a few, Pureon offers a complete range of SPARKLING diamond compounds for a multitude of application needs. By using our optimized and application-tailored diamond compounds, our customers save time and money in their manual polishing operations.

Key properties of SPARKLING diamond compounds

Solubility  The solubility depends on the carrier. Water- and alcohol-soluble carriers ensure easy cleaning, whereas oil-based carriers prevent corrosion.

Diamond type  The diamond type greatly influences the performance of the diamond compound. Polycrystalline diamond (DP) has an amorphous structure with no cleavage planes and provides higher rates of material removal. Monocrystalline diamond (MSY) is relatively inexpensive in production and therefore widely used for grinding, lapping and polishing applications.

Diamond concentration  Material removal rate and thus processing time depend on diamond concentration. A high diamond concentration guarantees optimal processing results.

Grading  The particle size distribution has a direct influence on surface quality as well as removal rate in lapping and polishing applications. Precision grading with narrow particle size distribution ensures a high performance and allows to fine-tune the diamond size in order to meet surface roughness specifications.

SPARKLING performance overview


For more detailed information, download our datasheet:

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Malte Oellers

Product Manager Sparkling Diamond Compounds