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Solid compound diamond sticks for conventional polishing operations

LUCIO is a diamond stick for conventional polishing of hard, ductile and shaped materials that achieves results equal to mechanical polishing operations. With its narrow and uniform particle size distribution, scratch-free surfaces with outstanding precision can easily be accomplished on hard or ductile materials such as ceramics, titanium, platinum, or aluminum.


  • Working with LUCIO is exceptionally comfortable on hard, extra hard, and ductile material.
  • The LUCIO compound is water-soluble.
  • The well distributed diamonds in LUCIO cut material sharp.
  • LUCIO achieves fast polishing, meeting exact requirements for high surface quality.
  • Thanks to its sustainability, LUCIO secures your processes.
  • LUCIO is adaptable to any process or existing machinery.

Discover all of LUCIO's benefits

Constructed 100 % with diamond

LUCIO’s standard product range is available with five diamond grain sizes: 6 µm, 3 µm, 1 µm, 0.5 µm and 0.25 µm, calibrated with an exceptional high and tight precision. It is admitted that those five grain sizes cover 80 % of customer needs. Furthermore, special requests can be considered.


Invented with multiple power levels

LUCIO is powered by an extremely strong diamond assembly to polish hard and ductile materials along with three power levels: Power 8 (strong), Power 5 (medium) and Power 2 (light). The more powerful the assembly, the harder the material to be polished. On request, Pureon offers additional power levels for specific purposes.

With three available power levels, LUCIO sticks are suitable for operations from  buffing to finishing.

With three available power levels, LUCIO sticks are suitable for operations from buffing to finishing.

Exemplary diamond distribution

Narrow and uniform particle size distribution ensures an even dispersion across the fabric and scratch free polishing.


Compound saving

In comparison with conventional sticks, LUCIO requires less compound to polish. This is even more obvious the harder the material is.


Less effort to polish

Thanks to its high rate of abrasiveness in comparison with conventional compound, LUCIO requires less time to polish.


Tuned to any surface

LUCIO compound is suitable for all types of fabrics.


Easy and quick to clean

LUCIO is water-soluble. Work efficiency and polishing quality are improved. In addition, the risk of damage during cleaning is eliminated.


No melt in hands

Excellent handling properties: Due to LUCIO's hard consistency it does not melt in hands but coalesces ideally with the workpiece at friction heat (about 70 °C).


Animal fat-free

LUCIO is free of animal fat. Therefore, it is suitable for any medical application.


100 % environmentally friendly

LUCIO contains no hazardous components. Therefore, LUCIO is not dangerous.


Stabilized compound

LUCIO does not degrade, oxidize, dry nor reduce in volume. The chemical does not modify over years (when stored under 40 °C). Its stabilized mixture results in a lot-to-lot consistency.


For more detailed information, download our datasheet:

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Xavier Fourny

Product Manager LUCIO Diamond Sticks