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Microdiamant XP

Nanocluster diamond, sub-micron size range

Diamond powder for ultra-fine surface polishing: XP nanodiamond is also referred to as nanocluster diamond. This diamond is formed by a detonation of carbon-containing explosives within a detonation chamber. Diamond crystallites of approximately 4-8 nanometers form clusters with an aggregate size up to one micrometer. The high surface area and the micro rough particle surface makes XP nanodiamond particularly suitable for surface coatings and for super fine polishing applications. 


  • High lot-to-lot consistency thanks to precision grading and tight tolerances.
  • High reproducibility in the application.
  • Graduated micro-grain sizes allow precise adjustment to your specification.


For more detailed information, download our datasheet:

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Oliver Kaderli

Product Manager Micron Diamond Powders