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Microdiamant SMU

Smart Micron diamond powder, standard size range

Modified synthetic diamond powder for lapping and polishing of sapphire: SMU Smart Micron diamond powder is made of modified synthetic diamond. The brittle features have an excellent self-sharpening characteristic and lead to continuously high abrasion rates while producing smooth and scratch free surfaces. Smart Micron diamond products deliver outstanding performance in lapping processes of superhard materials such as sapphire, ceramics and hard metals.

SMU highlights

  • Unmatched efficiency.
  • Reproducibility in use.

Product properties

Structured particle surface  

The micro-structured, rough particle surface maximizes the material removal rate due to the numerous contact points provided between diamond particles and the work piece.


Standard size range  

The standard size range makes this product suitable for applications with a focus on economics. The controlled upper-limit ensures a uniform, scratch-free surface quality.



A special surface modifications process yields sharp and brittle features whichfracture when pressure is applied during the lapping process. This exposes new, sharp cutting edges that lead to a continously high removal rate.


Best performance  

For best performance, we recommend to use Smart Micron products incorporated in our state-of-the-art diamond suspension formulations. The product range includes oil-based and water-soluble suspension formulations.



SMU Smart Micron diamond powder is ideal for lapping applications requiring a high stock removal. Typical applications include lapping of sapphire, ceramics, tungsten carbide and hard metals.


For more detailed information, download our datasheet:

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Oliver Kaderli

Product Manager Micron Diamond Powders