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Diamond grinding pad

Resin bond diamond grinding pad for glass, glassy materials and ceramics:
SQUADRO-G is an innovative and highly efficient diamond grinding pad suitable for fine grinding of optical glass, BK7, fused silica, glass-ceramics as well as crystalline and brittle glassy materials. SQUADRO-G generates a high and consistent removal over its entire life time as well as impressive surface qualities and edge sharpening. Thanks to its long service life and easy handling, SQUADRO-G is an economical and efficient alternative to thin abrasive films or conventional lapping processes.

SQUADRO-G highlights

  • Suited for all common glass materials.
  • More economic than abrasive foil or slurries.
  • High planarity and precise edges.
  • Longer life time than abrasive foil.
  • Clean operation because no abrasive slurry is needed.
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Dipl.-Ing. Helge Willers

Product Manager Grinding Pads