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KÖSTROSOL® 3530/3550

Colloidal silica slurry

General colloidal silica slurry:
Köstrosol is a milky mobile aqueous dispersion of amorphous silicon dioxide nanoparticles. This large-size colloidal silica has a negatively charged surface (anionic) which is stabilized by Alkaline (Na ). The particles are made from highpurity alkali silicate. They are spherical and generally non-crosslinked and are hydroxylated at the surface. Köstrosol colloidal silica is commonly used to polish glass, optical lenses, bearings, sapphire, and single crystals such as fluorspar.


  • General purpose colloidal silica designed to polish various optical materials.
  • Highly dilutable, allowing for onsite flexibility and reduced cost of ownership.
  • Not dangerous and not hazardous as defined by transport regulations.
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001, IS14001, and ISO 50001.


For more detailed information, download our datasheet:

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Adam Nielsen

Product Manager Colloidal Silica Slurries