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Colloidal silica slurry

Non-drying colloidal silica slurry for optical and IR materials:
ULTRA-SOL® 500S3 is a non-drying colloidal silica slurry designed for polishing a wide range of precision opto-electronic materials. A staple in any optician’s arsenal, 500S3 has been an industry standard for over 20 years. The slurry’s trademark blue color is now widely recognized by master opticians throughout the industry.

The ULTRA-SOL® 500S3 is a high-purity colloidal silica slurry with a specially designed alkaline dispersion. This reduces problems caused by colloidal silica particles drying, caking or crystallizing on exposed surfaces. The end result is superior surface finishes, reduced scratches, along with lowered cleaning costs, material staining, and waste. ULTRA-SOL® 500S3 is capable of producing surfaces of less than 5Å RMS in a pad process and less than 1Å RMS in a pitch process. The 500S3 performs well in recirculation systems due to the robustness of the primary particle.


  • Cost-optimized version of the Ultra-Sol 500S.
  • Narrow particle distribution promotes control and consistency.
  • Non-drying chemistry package significantly slows the drying and crystallization of silica particles on parts and tools, leading to better yields and easier cleanup.
  • Compatible with pads or pitch, on CPs, spindles, and CNC tools.


For more detailed information, download our datasheet:

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Adam Nielsen

Product Manager Colloidal Silica Slurries