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ULTRA-SOL® Rodelene

Multiparticle blend

Pre-diluted haze inhibitor:
Rodelene is a haze-inhibiting polishing additive specifically formulated to help limit the time required for haze removal during the polishing process of silicon and other II-IV and III-V materials. Rodelene also works to prevent the reformation of haze during subsequent storage and handling procedures. It can be used to reduce haze during polishing by addition to the final slurry and is most effective if used at the end of the final polish cycle.

Rodelene should not be used during stock removal since it significantly inhibits removal rates; however, it can be used after the stock cycle to stop the chemical activity of the slurry. Finally, Rodelene is effective in the prevention of haze formation after polishing if wafers are stored in a solution of Rodelene and deionized water. Experiments have shown Rodelene to be an effective deoxidizing agent when used on aluminum memory disks or read-write heads for the removal of the oxide films caused by Al2O3.


Base material  Multiparticle blend

Shelf life  12 months

Packaging  Product is typically available in 1-gallon jugs, 5-gallon pails, and 55-gallon drums. In some cases alternative packaging sizes may be available upon request.

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