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Universal-use diamond suspensions

Versatile, ready-to-use, cost efficient and available from stock:
Pureon ready-to-use diamond suspensions help you consistently achieve highest performance while minimizing total process cost. Our continuous improvement on carrier liquid formulations means you always benefit from the latest technology and the full potential of Pureon‘s precision diamond.


  • SPLENDIS-O: Oil-based high performance suspension. Recommended for high material removal rates and superb surface finish.
  • SPLENDIS-W: Ecofriendly and easy to clean water based suspension. Recommended for mirror finishing of metals.
  • Fully stabilized formulations, diamond will stay suspended.
  • Available with either monocrystalline diamond (M=MSY) or polycrystalline diamond (P=DP).
  • Diamond grit sizes from 0.1 to 15 micron.
  • Developed and produced by Pureon, using first quality raw materials and precision graded diamond micron sizes.
  • Standard packing in 1 liter PET bottles (recyclable).
  • SPLENDIS is available from stock.


For more detailed information, download our product range overview:

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Oliver Kaderli

Product Manager Diamond Suspensions