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Pureon develops and manufactures engineered solutions for high-precision surface finishing processes. With more than 60 years of experience, the demanding Pureon standards set the benchmark in our industry. Manufacturers and OEMs in the fields of precision manufacturing, electronics, semiconductors, optics, medtech, tools, coating, watchmaking or jewelry rely on our solutions and services.

Electronics & Semiconductors

Today, semiconductors are part of every electronic system; they are the basis for the future of the information age. When producing the silicon and/or silicon carbide wafers needed for chip manufacture, the details cannot be small and fine enough. A case for Pureon.

Precision Industry

Cars of the future, robots with AI, renewable energy sources, G5 networks or resource-saving household technology - wherever there's new thinking, it cannot be done without wires, cables, sensors, or seals. Those who supply components on a micro scale need perfect solutions. Precision work! Click here to see what that means.

Luxury Goods

Whether layman or connoisseur - watches fascinate people. A mechanical movement has at least 130 components; the legendary Calibre 89 from Patek Philippe has a whopping 1728! When tiny screws, bridges, rubies, or glasses need to be flawlessly polished in horlogerie, Pureon is in demand. We also make synthetic gemstones shine.


What could be more valuable than health? However, maintaining a high quality of life is becoming increasingly complex. After all, we are getting older than in earlier times, prosperity is growing even in emerging countries, and new technologies are revolutionizing medical technology. In other words, demand and requirements are rising. Often, it is literally the final touch in value creation that makes the quality of a technical aid. This is precisely where Pureon comes into play.

Tools & Coatings

The transmission runs smoothly, components are protected against wear - what other function does a perfect surface provide? Whether it's perfect coating or precise grinding: The experts at Pureon know the exact requirements the relevant machine tools have to meet.