The right diamond compound for every application

Pureon offers a range of abrasive compounds for a wide spectrum of applications in high-tech industries and for high-end markets. All our compounds are made with proprietary micron diamond powders renowned for their consistently high quality concerning shape, precise grain size and tight calibration.
Diamond powder is mixed with water-soluble resins free of animal fat to form our abrasive compounds that come in different consistencies depending on the application. Diamond compounds are used in a variety of industries to grind and polish metals and gradually achieve a clean and professional surface finish.

Two diamond compound product lines make up our comprehensive range.


The SPARKLING soft compound range for all manual polishing operations is available in a large variety of formulations, each with a different combination of solubility, diamond type and diamond grit size depending on your application needs. For added ease of use, Sparkling diamond compounds come in the form of syringes.


Soft diamond compounds


The LUCIO solid diamond stick collection was designed for conventional polishing operations on hard, ductile, and shaped materials. Thanks to its revolutionary binding system, the compound evenly spreads and adheres to the fabric, thereby ensuring a consistent performance, high removal rate and a superbly finished surface.


Solid compound diamond sticks

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Diamond Compounds
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Diamond Compounds
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