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NTA E310

SiC multiple-wafer processing template

E310 backing film is durable in highly alkaline or acidic chemical processes. The E310 film is one of our low compressible films, resulting in flatness consistency throughout the lifetime of the template. Easy to use alternative to wax mounting technique, with simple installation and clean up. Ideal for customers who polish silicon carbide (SiC) wafers.


Easy application –
pressure sensitive adhesive
on template assemblies allows
easy application to carrier plate

No CFCs – template
assemblies are environmentally
friendly and non-hazardous

No de-waxing clean
step required – no
chemicals are used to
hold wafers

Product Specifications

Base material


Shelf life

12 months


Silicon carbide

Template variations Compressibility Deflection [mm]
NTA CHOIS 9.01 0.053
NTA DF200 10.60 0.065
NTA E310 5.75 0.041
NTA DF200 3.45 0.016

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