Grinding pads

For easy and clean fine grinding processes with reproducible surface results

Diamond grinding pads from Pureon make fine grinding easy as pie. The extremely narrow diamond particle size distribution allows for both high process reproducibility and superior results in surface quality. Clean operation and a long life time are only a few of the advantages of using our diamond grinding pads. Available with a choice of diamond grit sizes and diameters, they may be fitted on any conventional lapping or polishing machine. Diamond grinding pads replace conventional SiC paper or lapping processes.

SQUADRO diamond grinding pads

The future of superfinishing has to be easy,clean, efficient and economical, yet withoutcompromising on quality and repeatability. Ourinnovative SQUADRO diamond grinding padsextend fine grinding to single-micron gritsizes, thereby achieving surface finishingresults in shorter time and less effort thanconventional lapping and polishing operations.

Diamond grinding pads


Diamond Grinding Pad


Diamond Grinding Pad


Diamond Grinding Pad


Diamond Grinding Pad


Diamond Grinding Pad


Diamond Grinding Pad


For glass, glass-like materials and crystals

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