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Microdiamant DP

Polycrystalline synthetic diamond, precision size range

Diamond powder for lapping and polishing of Sapphire and SiC: Polycrystalline diamond powder is produced through detonation synthesis. Its distinguishing characteristics are the high compressive strength, toughness and the micro-rough surface of the diamond particles. In lapping and polishing applications, these properties enable very high surface qualities and significantly higher material removal rates at the same time. DP diamond is suitable for applications from abrasive lapping of superhard materials to high-gloss polishing of high-precision components.


  • Unmatched efficiency.
  • Reproducibility in use.
  • Highest performance index of all diamond types.
  • Significant increase in material removal rate due to self-sharpening properties.
  • Very short processing times at low pressure.


For more detailed information, download our datasheet:

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Oliver Kaderli

Product Manager Micron Diamond Powders