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Diamond Grinding Pad

For non-metallic samples such as ceramics, glass and rock samples we recommend the diamond grinding pad PLATO. The diamond particles on the surface are metal-bonded and ensure a high and steady removal, even in very hard materials. PLATO diamond grinding pads do not need to be pre-processed or dressed. Due to the high diamond concentration and quality the pad is self-sharpening. This grinding pad is suitable for almost all cooling lubricants because of its metal binding. In the field of stone processing even the dry usage is possible.


More economic than abrasive foil or slurries

High planarity and precise edges

Longer service life than abrasive foil Highlights

Clean operation because no abrasive slurry is needed

Application recommendations

Carrier material

15 m/s

Grinding pressure

13 N/cm2

for ceramics


water, alcohol, oil, emulsion

Typical application

Rough and fine grinding of non-metallic samples, embedded and non embedded samples


Diameter Grit Size
200 mm 125 micron
250 mm 125 micron
300 mm 125 micron


200 mm 75 micron
250 mm 75 micron
300 mm 75 micron


200 mm 54 micron
250 mm 54 micron
300 mm 54 micron


200 mm 10 micron
250 mm 10 micron
300 mm 10 micron

Product Specifications

Carrier material

Water + Oil


100 %


For many materials

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Dipl.-Ing. Helge Willers