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Diamond Grinding Pad

SQUADRO-G2 is the second generation of the innovative and highly efficient SQUADRO-G diamond grinding pad. Its new manufacturing process allows greater flexibility in the production of different diameters. It has 50 % more grinding thickness, which significantly increases the lifetime. In terms of application, SQUADRO-G2 offers high and uniform stock removal throughout its lifetime, as well as impressive surface qualities and edge sharpening. Thanks to its long lifetime and easy handling, SQUADRO-G2 is an economical and efficient alternative to other grinding pads or conventional lapping methods.


Suited for all common glass materials

All outer diameters possible

Outstanding lifetime and economic efficiency compared to the competition

New generation with 50 % more grinding layer

Cleaner than lapping with grinding suspensions

High planarity, surface quality and precise edges

Product specifications


200 – 760 mm

one-piece for bigger diameters multi-piece

Diamond size

3 μm, 6 μm,
15 μm, 30 μm,
45 μm, 60 μm

Abrasive layer

0.4 mm,

optional 0.8 mm

Bond type

resin, triangular structure

Carrier material


Backing / mounting

magnetic foil
or metal plate

Product compatibility

BK7 / BOROFLOAT / Tempax glass / Quart

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Dipl.-Ing. Helge Willers