Grinding pads


Diamond Grinding Pad

SQUADRO-M and SQUADRO-H are innovative diamond grinding pads that extends fine grinding to single-micron grit sizes. They replace conventional lapping processes, achieving superior results in terms of material removal rate, surface quality, workpiece geometry and tool life. SQUADRO diamond grinding pads provide for an easy, clean and efficient fine grinding process.


Suited for all common glass material

More economic than abrasive foil or slurries

High planarity and precise edges

Longer life time than abrasive foil

Clean operation because no abrasive slurry is needed

Product specifications


200 – 760 mm

one-piece for bigger diameters multi-piece

Diamond size

3 μm, 6 μm,
15 μm, 30 μm,
45 μm, 60 μm

(125 μm only SQUADRO-H)

Abrasive layer

0.4 mm,

optional 0.8 mm

Bond type

resin, triangular structure

Resin, medium hard
SQUADRO-H: Resin, hard

Carrier material

textile base

Backing / mounting

steel carrier
/ self-adhesive (PSA)

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Dipl.-Ing. Helge Willers