Lapping and Polishing Slurries


Acidic colloidal alumina slurries

ULTRA-SOL® acidic colloidal alumina slurries offer proven results in polishing a wide variety of materials. These industry standard slurries are the process of record in many metal polishing processes and achieve excellent surface finishes on epoxy resins and plastics. ULTRA-SOL® acidic colloidal alumina slurries are the most widely used slurries for polishing infrared materials, as their unique particle technology provides scratch-free surfaces on these challenging materials.

ULTRA-SOL® acidic colloidal alumina slurries provide aggressive removal rates while maintaining superior surface finishes. The acidic pH allows its chemical-mechanical action to provide superior, low-scatter finishes in a wide variety of applications.


Acidic, colloidal alumina dispersion will not settle or hardpack

Features a blend of alpha and gamma aluminum oxide abrasives for a balanced approach to rate and 􀉾inish

Compatible with pads, pitch, CNC, or spindles

Acidic chemistry designed to soften materials for improved rate and 􀉾inish

Low viscosity, easily pumpable

Unique matrix of abrasive types provides fast removal rates and good surface 􀉾inishes

Product Specifications

Base material

Aluminum oxide

Shelf life

12 months

Product Specifications

Base material


Shelf life

24 months


Ceramic, fused silica,
glass, poly carbonate lens

Template variations Compressibility Particle size [μm] pH Solids content [%]
ULTRA-SOL® 200A Aluminum oxide 0,10 4,0 22,2
ULTRA-SOL® 201A60 Aluminum oxide 0,06 3,5 10,5
ULTRA-SOL® 201A140 Aluminum oxide 0,14 4,0 20,0
ULTRA-SOL® 201A280 Aluminum oxide 0,05 4,0 23,5
ULTRA-SOL® 200AM5 Aluminum oxide 0,80 4,0 21,0

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