Lapping and Polishing Slurries


Cerium oxide suspensions

ULTRA-SOL® cerium oxide slurries are designed for the precision polishing of borosilicate glass, fused silica, glass ceramics, and other optical materials. They feature a small, tightly distributed cerium oxide particle in a unique suspension that minimizes settling and facilitates cleaning. In addition, these slurries are highly concentrated to provide maximum flexibility through on􀀀site dilution. They have quickly proven themselves to be a superior cerium oxide polish to many existing products on the market.

ULTRA-SOL® cerium oxide slurries process performance exceeds industry specifications for sleek, scratch / dig, surface finish, and elimination of sub-surface damage on precision glass workpieces. Their unique chemistry allows for uniform and permanent suspension of the abrasive, which provides consistent and repeatable superior surface finishes, and ease of use in production environments.
CHALLENGE 550HT wurde für den Einsatz in «Hochgeschwindigkeits-Umlauf»- und «Hochgeschwindigkeits-Durchlauf»-Suspensions-Pumpsystemen entwickelt. Es nutzt die Energie einer Hochgeschwindigkeits-Umwälzpumpe, die bei den meisten Läppmaschinen Standard ist. CHALLENGE 550HT disper-giert Aluminiumoxid, Ceroxid, Siliziumkarbid, Borkarbid und Granatschleifmittel gleichmässig. Es reduziert auch den Verbrauch von Schleifmitteln, indem es Winterverpackungen und Abfall vermeidet.


Small particle size and tight distribution result in excellent surface quality, removal rate, and repeatability

Suspension package facilitates uniform delivery of abrasive to polishing workpiece and prevents settling in the tools and lines

Designed to be easy to clean o􀉾f parts and tools, resulting in less rework and higher yields

Compatible with polishing pads, pitch, CNC tools, and spindle polishers

Product Specifications

Base material

Cerium oxide

Shelf life

12 months

Product Specifications

Base material


Shelf life

24 months


Ceramic, fused silica,
glass, poly carbonate lens

Template variations Compressibility Particle size [μm] pH Solids content [%]
ULTRA-SOL® 1000 Cerium oxide 1,15 9,7 15,0
ULTRA-SOL® 1000HP Cerium oxide 0,95 8,5 10,0
ULTRA-SOL® FOP Cerium oxide 5,50 8,9 1,4
ULTRA-SOL® OPTIQ Cerium oxide 0,45 8,2 45,0

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