Lapping and Polishing Slurries

KÖSTROSOL® 3530 / 3550

Colloidal silica slurry

KÖSTROSOL® is a milky mobile aqueous dispersion of amorphous silicon dioxide nanoparticles. This large-size colloidal silica has a negatively charged surface (anionic) which is stabilized by Alkaline (Na). The particles are made from high-purity alkali silicate. They are spherical and generally non-crosslinked and are hydroxylated at the surface. KÖSTROSOL® colloidal silica is commonly used to polish glass, optical lenses, bearings, sapphire, and single crystals such as fluorspar.


General purpose colloidal silica designed to polish various optical materials

Highly dilutable, allowing for on-site flexibility and reduced cost of ownership

Not dangerous and not hazardous as defined by transport regulations

Manufactured under ISO 9001, IS14001, and ISO 50001

Product Specifications

Base material

Colloidal Silica

Shelf life

12 months

Product Specifications

Base material


Shelf life

24 months


Ceramic, fused silica,
glass, poly carbonate lens

Properties and similar products Base material Particle size [μm] pH value Solids content [%] Stabilizing agent
KÖSTROSOL® 3530 Colloidal silica 0.07 9.8 30.0 Sodium
KÖSTROSOL® 3550 Colloidal silica 0.07 9.8 50.0 Sodium

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