Lapping and Polishing Slurries


Patterned media slurries

The ULTRA-SOL® patterned media slurries have been formulated to provide aggressive removal rates on different types of metal. They perform well in processes where multiple alloys must be polished on within same layer simultaneously. They have been used successfully on materials containing copper, iron, tungsten, cobalt, nickel, and aluminum oxide. The slurries provide both fine finish and good removal rates for both the metallic alloy and alumina overcoat, while minimizing detrimental effects of corrosion.

The ULTRA-SOL® patterned media slurries provide high yields, good planarity, and high Ti removal rates. They also minimize oxide erosion, plug recesses, and dishing. ULTRA-SOL® patterned media slurries are highly selective to oxide (20:1), while providing even removal on Tin and titanium.


Hard, alpha-alumina abrasives designed for aggressive removal rates

Proprietary oxide package to improve selectivity on multiple materials

Popular choice for patterned media, hard-drive heads, and tungsten

Acidic chemistry designed to soften materials for improved rate and 􀉾inish

Product Specifications

Base material

Aluminum oxide

Shelf life

12 months

Product Specifications

Base material


Shelf life

24 months


Ceramic, fused silica,
glass, poly carbonate lens

Template variations Compressibility Particle size [μm] pH Solids content [%]
ULTRA-SOL® A12 Aluminum oxide 0,24 4,0 15,3
ULTRA-SOL® A15 Aluminum oxide 0,24 5,6 15,3
ULTRA-SOL® A18 Aluminum oxide 0,24 4,0 16,3
ULTRA-SOL® A19 Aluminum oxide 0,24 4,0 11,2
ULTRA-SOL® A20 Aluminum oxide 0,24 4,1 16,3
ULTRA-SOL® KJ65B Aluminum oxide 0,24 5,6 15,0

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