Polishing Pads


Polishing pad flocked with microfibers

The ALUPOL-PLUS polishing pad is flocked with an extremely high density of microfibers (very short flock height 0,30 mm, yarn thickness 0,9 dtex), giving it a suede-like surface. This erodes residual micro-scratches and creates a shiny effect on the surface of workpieces when combined with a suspension with a maximum grain size of 1 micron. The pad’s thinness (0.65 mm) reflects the hardness of the surface on which it is laid. This firmness helps to obtain sharp angles, while ensuring that the workpiece is held securely. The result is a mirror-polished finish.


Extremely fine pad thickness

A hard surface limits the creation of curves

Mirror-finishing for all metals

Excellent results for diamond and CMP polishing

Thin pad to match the hardness of the table to

Product Specifications

Base material

Very dense, extra-fine flocked surface, made with viscose microfibers; soft felted to

Shelf life

12 months


Ø 200 mm – Ø 400 mm

Ø 401 mm – Ø 1’300 mm

Slurry additive Base material Hardness [Shore A] Density [g/cm³] Thickness [mm]
ALUPOL-PLUS Viskose 82 620 0,65
MAMBO Poromer 65 814 1,50
QUICK-STEP Poromer 97 528 0,50
SAMBA-N Polyacrylonitril 87 840 1,50
STEP-PLUS Cellulose acetate 96 720 0,65
STEP-PRO Cellulose triacetate 96 660 0.85
SWING-PLUS Viscose fiibers 88 660 0.85

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