Polishing Pads


Pad conditioner

Ideal for improving pad life and process consistency: DIAGRID™ pad conditioners incorporate many of the best features available in pad
conditioning technology, making them ideal for the demands of today’s complex CMP processes.

The product consists of a stainless steel base, overlaid with brazed diamonds arranged in a grid pattern that provides superior control of
diamond spacing, height and size. A robust, chemically enhanced braze holds the diamonds firmly in place with a chemical bond that is
extremely resistant to diamond loss.

The entire surface is covered with the DIASHIELD® PVD diamond overcoat which offers superior chemical resistance, ideal for use in
tungsten and copper processes.


Superior diamond placement control

Stringent QC inspection on every pad conditioner

Superior uniformity of diamond heigh

Factory high pressure pre-conditioning procedure

Robust brazed matrix

DIASHIELD® PVD diamond overcoat

Product Specifications

Base material

Stainless steel and diamond

Shelf life

No expiration


DIAGRID™ pad conditioners are packaged in plastic trays and vacuum sealed in cleanroom-grade plastic.

Product Specifications

Base material


Shelf life

24 months


Ceramic, fused silica,
glass, poly carbonate lens

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