Polishing Pads


Next-generation pad for multi-wafer batch polish

The EXTERION™ pad line uses a new advanced urethane formula specifically to achieve higher removal rates and lower pad wear. The controlled porosity and tight distribution of the pore size result in longer pad lifetime. The EXTERION ™ N4000H pad is available without sub-pad, and XY-Grooving for optimal slurry distribution for the large diameter platens.


Achieves higher removal rates and lower pad wear

Formulated to meet the demands of SiC polishing applications

Available in multiple surface textures: plain and XY-grooved

Product Specifications

Base material


Shelf life

12 months


Silicon carbide, various hard substrate

Polishing pad Base material Compressibility [%] Hardness Hardness test Density [g/cm³]
EXTERION™ N4000H Urethane 2.4 85 JIS-A 0.86
MHS15S Urethane 3.0 84 JIS-A 0.80

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