Polishing Pads


Advanced polyurethane
with micropore structure

IC1000™ pad is the industry-standard polishing pad for chemical mechanical polishing (CMP). The IC1000™ pad is made of a rigid, micro-porous polyurethane material. These properties enable the IC1000™ pad to deliver localized planarization, excellent removal rates, low global non-uniformity and low defectivity. The IC1000™ pad works effectively with slurries and conditioners to optimize CMP performance in tungsten, copper, ILD, STI, and polysilicon processes.


Industry standard for CMP

Product Specifications

Base material


Shelf life

12 months

Slurry additive Base material Compressibility [%] Hardness Hardness Test Thickness [mils]
IC1000™ Urethane 2,25 60 Shore D 50
IC1010™ Urethane 2,25 60 Shore D 50

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