Polishing Pads


Poromeric polishing pad

Combined with a colloidal silica-based suspension, MAMBO poromeric pad, flocked from a composite of urethane polymers and polyester fiber, is designed exclusively for CMP applications. Its thick, spongy coating (1,25 mm) is packed with multiple micropores ready to receive the fine abrasive particle (0,10 μm – 0,05 μm). The pressure exerted on the piece propels the suspension to the precise point of its passage. Impervious to water, the coating holds the grains on the surface, allowing them to move freely and become highly active. MAMBO promises sharp angles and a deformation-free surface. It is mainly used for ceramic, sapphire and semiconductor applications. For use with non-diamonded suspensions (e.g. colloidal silica).


Thick poromeric polyurethane for better absorption of non-diamond suspension

For CMP work only

Final polishing with chemical polishing suspension

Product Specifications

Base material

Chemically resistant sponge-oxide polyurethane coating; dry elastomer top

Shelf life

12 months


Ø 200 mm – Ø 400 mm

Ø 401 mm – Ø 1’300 mm

Slurry additive Base material Hardness [Shore A] Density [g/cm³] Thickness [mm]
ALUPOL-PLUS Viskose 82 620 0,65
MAMBO Poromer 65 814 1,50
QUICK-STEP Poromer 97 528 0,50
SAMBA-N Polyacrylonitril 87 840 1,50
STEP-PLUS Cellulose acetate 96 720 0,65
STEP-PRO Cellulose triacetate 96 660 0.85
SWING-PLUS Viscose fiibers 88 660 0.85

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