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Poromeric polishing pad

POLITEX™ polishing pads are classic CMP finishing pads. They are manufactured from proprietary polyurethane and incorporate a unique, vertically oriented pore structure with a compressible substrate. The substrate is designed to instantaneously recover from polishing compression, creating a pumping action that enhances slurry flow within the pad to produce optimum surface finish quality. This attribute reduces pad loading and increases pad life, which is well suited for final polishing of silicon, oxide, glass or metals.

POLITEX™ Hi, POLITEX™ Reg (also referred to as POLITEX™ Supreme) and POLITEX™ Reg Embossed all were originally developed for final wafer polishing. Compared to standard POLITEX™ Reg, the Hi nap version goes through a shorter buffing step. This results in a thicker pad, smaller pores, and a better finish. The standard embossing depth of POLITEX™ Reg Embossed is approximately 20 mils.


Base material  Poromeric

Shelf life  12 months

Packaging  Pads are packaged face-to-face (polish side to polish side) and sealed inside a plastic bag to ensure cleanliness during transportation. The bags are taped to the side of the box to prevent the bag from slipping and damaging the pads. Pads should always remain flat. Bending pads during handling can cause wrinkles in the PSA and premature delamination of the release liner.

Applications POLITEX™ Reg  Aluminum, berylium, cadmium zinc telluride, calcium fluoride, ceramic, fused silica, glass, indium phosphide, lithium niobate, lithium tantalate, nickel, polysilicon, silicon, tungsten, zerodur

Applications POLITEX™ Reg Embossed  Germanium, glass, silicon

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Base material Poromeric Poromeric Poromeric
Compressibility % 14.75 13.75 14.75
Thickness (mils) 56 60 56

The data presented is a statistical representation for comparison purposes. The values are not necessarily a representation of the COA specifications.

POLITEX™ is a registered trademark of DuPont. Pureon is an authorized distributor for DuPont.


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