Polishing Pads


Soft pad, vertical pore structure on compressible substrate

POLITEX™ (sometimes referred to as POLITEX™ Supreme), was originally developed for final wafer polishing. It is manufactured from proprietary polyurethane and incorporates a unique, vertically oriented pore structure with a compressible substrate. The substrate is designed to instantaneously recover from polishing compression, creating a pumping action that enhances slurry 􀉾low within the pad to produce optimum surface finish quality. This attribute reduces pad loading and increases pad life, which is well suited for final polishing of silicon, oxide, glass or metals.


Various surface textures available such as grooved, embossed, plain, and perforated

Product Specifications

Base material


Shelf life

12 months

Slurry additive Base material Compressibility [%] Thickness [mils]
POLITEX™ Reg Poromeric 14.75 56
POLITEX™ Hi Poromeric 13.75 60
POLITEX™ Reg Embossed Poromeric 14.75 56

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