Polishing Pads


Woven pads made
from polyamide filaments

QUICK-STEP woven pads are made from polyamide filaments. Its excellent mechanical properties of tensile strength (comparable to steel) and abrasion resistance make the pad ideal for lapping work. The low absorbency of the fabric
(5%) enhances its abrasive power. Furthermore, the higher the rotation speed of the plate, the more effective the pad’s hardness. QUICK-STEP can therefore be used in place of a cast-iron lapping plate, if it is used with a grit size twice that of the latter. It ensures that your workpieces are not deformed, and that you obtain a surface of excellent flatness.


First choice for removal operations on all types of metal

Can replace cast-iron platen

For CMP work only

Fast material removal

Excellent geometry

Product Specifications

Base material

Compact linear weave of polyamide filaments, eye-catching non-satin top

Shelf life

12 months


Ø 200 mm – Ø 400 mm

Ø 401 mm – Ø 1’300 mm

Slurry additive Base material Hardness [Shore A] Density [g/cm³] Thickness [mm]
ALUPOL-PLUS Viskose 82 620 0,65
MAMBO Poromer 65 814 1,50
QUICK-STEP Poromer 97 528 0,50
SAMBA-N Polyacrylonitril 87 840 1,50
STEP-PLUS Cellulose acetate 96 720 0,65
STEP-PRO Cellulose triacetate 96 660 0.85
SWING-PLUS Viscose fiibers 88 660 0.85

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QUICK-STEP Polishing Pad?

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