Polishing Pads


Pad made from woven
cellulose acetate filaments

The STEP-PLUS pad is made from woven cellulose acetate filaments, which allow the yarns to resemble those of silk. While they have good elasticity, they are not very hydrophilic and the fiber is not very absorbent. As a result, the pad holds different types of suspension and diamond on the surface. The yarns are also highly resistant to abrasion. This pad is universal. After a lapping phase, it can be used in 99% of polishing applications (hard ceramics to yellow gold). Reserved for small grain sizes from 6 μm to 0,1 μm, it achieves a good removal rate, while maintaining sharp edges.


The satinfinish surface of the pad provides an excellent compromise between removal and surface finish, for optimum preparation for the finishing phase

Good abrasion rate

Excellent flatness

Keeps sharp edges

Product Specifications

Base material

Linear weave of cellulose acetate yarns; smooth satin top; medium -hard pad

Shelf life

12 months


Ø 200 mm – Ø 400 mm

Ø 401 mm – Ø 1’300 mm

Slurry additive Base material Hardness [Shore A] Density [g/cm³] Thickness [mm]
ALUPOL-PLUS Viskose 82 620 0,65
MAMBO Poromer 65 814 1,50
QUICK-STEP Poromer 97 528 0,50
SAMBA-N Polyacrylonitril 87 840 1,50
STEP-PLUS Cellulose acetate 96 720 0,65
STEP-PRO Cellulose triacetate 96 660 0.85
SWING-PLUS Viscose fiibers 88 660 0.85

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