Polishing Pads


Polyurethane impregnated
felt pad, non-woven

SUBA™ polishing pads are polyurethane impregnated polyester felts. They are speci􀉾ically designed for stock and intermediate polishing where achieving a high precision surface is critical. SUBA™ pads should be used in combination with each other and with 􀉾inal polishing pads to produce a haze-free, low defect 􀉾inish in dual or multi-step processes. SUBA™ pads are ideal for a w ide variety of materials including semiconductor wafers, glass, ceramics, special metals and plastic. SUBA™ IV features an open pore structure and a l ess aggressive urethane composition than the other SUBA™ pads. These qualities make it an ideal primary polishing pad for low to medium pressure applications with fragile crystals or delicate surfaces.


Available in a variety of surface textures such as grooved, embossed, plain, and perforated

Product Specifications

Base material


Shelf life

12 months

Product Specifications

Base material


Shelf life

24 months


Ceramic, fused silica,
glass, poly carbonate lens

Slurry additive Base material Compressibility [%] Hardness Hardness Test Thickness [mils]
SUBA™ 550 Felt 13.00 55 Shore D 50
SUBA™ 600 Felt 4.00 44 Asker C 50
SUBA™ 800 Felt 4.00 82 Asker C 50
SUBA™ X Felt 13.25 44 Shore D 50
SUBA™ IV Felt 13.50 44 Shore D 50
SUBA™ IV.150 Felt 13.50 44 Shore D 150
GS polishing pad Felt 5.00 45 Shore D 150

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