Wafering, slicing, and wire sawing

VALTRON® epoxy adhesive

Two-component, quick-cure adhesive systems

VALTRON® epoxy adhesive systems are available in various formulations designed to meet the specific needs and performance requirements in photo-voltaic and semiconductor wafer production using both annular (ID) slicing and wire saw slicing processes. These patented two-component quick-curing adhesive systems are made with unique components and performance characteristics to maximize production throughput and reduce the amount of stress occurring between the crystalline material and the adhesive. This reduction in stress results in a decrease in the amount of edge chips that occur during slicing.


Manufactured exclusively with 100 % natural DeBeers diamonds

Available in outer diameters ranging from 8” up
to 34”

Custom-made blades available upon request

Product Specifications

Carrier material

Carrier material

Shelf life



Ceramic, sapphire, silicon, quartz

Epoxy Adhesives
Bond strength
8 yrs [psi]
Cure time
Shore D Density
VALTRON® AD1210-A/AD1769-B Epoxy 1 6 75 1.21 65’000
VALTRON® AD1230-A/AD1210-B Epoxy 1 5 82 1.21 35’000
VALTRON® AD1339-A/AD3939-B Epoxy 1 2 85 1.65 115’000
VALTRON® AD1238-A/AD3848-BR Epoxy 1 2 84 1.21 70’000<
VALTRON® AD1339-A/AD3905-B Epoxy 2 4 85 1.47 43’000
VALTRON® AD4010-A/AD4015-B Epoxy 1 2 74 1.14 11’500
VALTRON® AD4010-A/AD4017-B Epoxy 380 2 74 1.03 275’000

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