Wafering, slicing, and wire sawing

VALTRON® slicing beams

Thermoset polymers, molded and machined to form blocks and beams

VALTRON® custom molded polymers include ingot slicing beams for photovoltaic and semiconductor applications, specialty molded products, dicing blocks, and ingot support beams used for mounting in preparation for inside diameter (ID) and wire saw wafering. Used in conjunction with the patented VALTRON® ingot mounting adhesive system, these engineered mounting beams ensure optimal performance.


Engineered mounting beams ensure optimal performanc

Are best used in conjunction with VALTRON® ingot mounting adhesive systems

Product Specifications

Carrier material


Shelf life

12 months

slicing beam variations
Density Shore D Coefficient of thermal
expansion (x 10 – 6 / C°)
VALTRON® Beam 150 Polymer 1.12 75 78.4 150
VALTRON® Beam 197 Polymer 2.00 91 32.5 197
VALTRON® Beam 253 Polymer 1.61 90 67.0 253
VALTRON® Beam 258 Polymer 1.62 90 68.7 258

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