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Lapping and polishing additive for semiconductor materials

VECTOR HTS products are biodegradable, viscous, polymer / surfactant mixtures formulated to be used with Aluminum oxide (either PWA type or FO Type) and de-ionized water to form a suspension type lapping slurry. Designed primarily for use in lapping silicon wafers, VECTOR HTS products fully disperse and suspend abrasive material for extended periods of time with relatively little change in physical or chemical characteristics. Designed for use on all types of lapping plates, the products perform particularly well with serrated or grooved plates.

The HTS products differ chemically and physically, resulting in differences in wetting, film strength and viscosity. Allow an HTS product to be specified by an Intersurface Dynamics trained sales engineer. Some of the variables that effect HTS product choice include: type of lapping plates, type of pumping system, brand of machine, operating pressure, type of abrasive. The choice of VECTOR HTS products provides the user with precisely the correct chemistry for achieving optimum results from a lapping process.


flatter wafers

cut rate

post-lapping cleaning

Helps prevant
wafer staining

wafer damage

Helps to
eliminate scratching

Provides more
consistent results

Product Specifications

Base material


Shelf life

24 months


Gallium arsenaide, germanium, sapphire, silicon, silicon carbide

Slurry additive Base material Dilution ratio pH value Specific gravity
VECTOR HTN Water 20:1 9.0 1.00
VECTOR HTS Water 25:1 9.0 1.00
VECTOR HTG Water 75:1 9.8 1.03
VECTOR HTI Water 400:1 12.3 1.02

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