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Standard CMP backing film

Developed as an alternative to the original DF200 material, the PF800 is an advanced new standard with application in many industries, including semiconductor, optics, and specialty substrates. The PF800 is a poromeric film buffed such that it has an open, tube-like pore structure. This structure compresses to absorb flatness variations on both the back-side of the wafer, as well as the polishing head itself. In addition, it will rebound to its original thickness over a long period of time, producing grater flatness throughout the lifetime of the film. Finally, the film features superior flatness results when used in a template, as wafers held in place by water tension are still able to rotate within the pocket.

When used as a final polishing pad, the PF800 construction quality yields excellent surface finish, lifetime, and flatness.

PF800 is also commonly used as gasket material or a carrier film. It is easily cut to any size, and laser-cut vacuum holes may also be implemented.


Excellent surface
finish, lifetime, and

Product Specifications

Base material


Shelf life

12 months


Template construction, carrier films,
gasket material

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