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PAD-EASE PRO was specifically developed for the usage with Pureon grinding and polishing pads like SQUADRO or SUBA. The purpose of PAD-EASE PRO is to ensure a quick and easy change of PSA pads on the machine. It reduces set-up and changeover times as well as set-up and changeover costs by avoiding the rejection of grinding and polishing pads that have been incorrectly glued on.

A pad that has been incorrectly bonded directly on the machine is virtually impossible to correct and leads to its destruction. Self-adhesive pads can be removed from PAD-EASE PRO easily, quickly and without damage. Which means that they can be reused. Even very large pads can be changed many times a day, where without PAD-EASE PRO it can take hours to laboriously remove a pad from the machine. This allows many different preparations or specifications to be processed per shift.

PAD-EASE PRO is offfered on metal plates for magnetic attachment to the machine or with self-adhesive backing (PSA), and has a shelf life of more than two years when properly handled. For better mountability of self-adhesive PAD-EASE PRO films, they are also offered stiffened.


Productivity increase of grinding and polishing pads

Reduction of setup and changeover costs

Easy peeling of all Pureon self-adhesive backs

Multiple changes without damaging the pad

Product Specifications

Temperature stability

-40 – 160 C°

Thickness coating

0,1 – 0,3 mm

Thickness metal carrier

10,2 – 10,5 mm

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