Polishing Pads


Polyurethane impregnated
felt pad, non-woven

SUBA™ polishing pads are polyurethane impregnated polyester felts. They are specifically designed for stock and intermediate polishing where achieving a high precision surface is critical. SUBA™ pads should be used in combination with each other and with final polishing pads to produce a haze-free, low defect finish in dual or multi-step processes. SUBA™ pads are ideal for a w ide variety of materials including semiconductor wafers, glass, ceramics, special metals and plastic. SUBA™ X is a denser, harder pad with smaller pore structure than the SUBA™ IV pad. It is often used for polishing glass, quartz or ceramics with consistent, reproducible results.


Available in a variety of surface textures such as grooved, embossed, plain, and perforated

Product Specifications

Base material


Shelf life

12 months

Slurry additive Base material Compressibility [%] Hardness Hardness Test Thickness [mils]
SUBA™ 550 Felt 13.00 55 Shore D 50
SUBA™ 600 Felt 4.00 44 Asker C 50
SUBA™ 800 Felt 4.00 82 Asker C 50
SUBA™ X Felt 13.25 44 Shore D 50
SUBA™ IV Felt 13.50 44 Shore D 50
SUBA™ IV.150 Felt 13.50 44 Shore D 150
GS polishing pad Felt 5.00 45 Shore D 150

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