Polishing Pads


Composite polishing pad,
copper-resin matrix

Composite polishing pad for lapping and polishing of Sapphire, SiC and technical ceramic
The novel IRINO-PRO-C composite polishing pad is closing the gap between lapping on metal plates and polishing on pads. It is most suitable for lapping and polishing of superhard materials such as sapphire, SiC, tungsten carbide and ceramics. Combined with application-tailored diamond suspensions from Pureon, IRINO-PRO-C allows for high surface qualities and impressive stock removal rates at the same time. The polishing pad comes with a self-adhesive backing. As such, it can be applied to any existing metal carrier plate, which makes it very user-friendly.


Innovative polishing pad combines lapping and polishing principles

Dressable system, suitable for single-side and double-side machines

Surface finishes down to 1 nm Ra

Best results if used with water-soluble or oil-based diamond suspensions from Pureon

Material removal rates similar to soft metal lapping plates

Provides excellent workpiece geometry and Flatness, without edge round-off

Product specifications


– 760 mm

one-piece, larger than 760 mm multi-piece


60 – 65
Shore D

Layer thickness

or 1.6 mm


Copper resin


Stock removal or polishing of sapphire and ceramics


self-adhesive backing

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